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Dear Gossips,

Are you Jubileed out yet? I am so totally not. But I do wonder if Hot Harry is tired of wearing a suit all the time. Given how much he complains about it, he’s probably ready to get back into his jeans. And ring Chelsy. Where do they go at grand family events like these when they need to sneak a cigarette? Harry lost his favourite smoking partner though. And, like the rest of us, he finds Pippa insufferably boring. More on this later. Let’s first give Her Majesty her due, as Prince Charles lovingly did last night at the concert. He called her “mummy”, did you see? And ...she didn’t dislike it either! In fact, look at that little head-move she makes right after, at about the 0:09 mark. SO cute, right?

As you know, the Queen had to go it alone last night at the show and today at the service because Prince Philip has been hospitalised. Perhaps that’s why she seemed extra emotional. There were several times the cameras caught her gulping back some tears between her discomfort. Standing on stage like that, surrounded by rock stars, with Tom Jones thinking he could just lean forward and whisper in her ear no problem (!!!), it’s not exactly where she lives. Granny’s had an exhausting weekend. So while I’m not ready for it to end, the access to these amazing pictures one after another, I think she’s about ready to take a few days off. As is Harry.

Yours in gossip,





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