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Dear Gossips,

Did Saturday Night Live address its lack of black women in the cast issue this week? Well, the show certainly acknowledged that people have been talking about it. I’m not sure that’s the same thing as admitting that there is a problem, or doing anything about it. You could argue that Lorne Michaels has no obligation to hire female black comedians. And, sure, he doesn’t. But if his job description is to make sure that his show is relevant and creative, he should probably produce an environment that doesn’t limit relevance or creativity. The fact that the show currently has no players who can play – and/or satirise – the First Lady of the United States, or Oprah (the first lady of media), or Beyonce (the first lady of pop), or Kerry Washington herself (which is why they can spoof Homeland but not Scandal) limits its relevance and creativity.

And so naturally, the next question: is Saturday Night Live relevant anymore?

The easy answer is No. “SNL hasn’t been funny in years!” “Nobody watches it!” “SNL hasn’t been good since the original cast!” “SNL hasn’t been good since Will Ferrell left!” “SNL hasn’t been good since Amy and Tina left!” “SNL hasn’t been good since Kristen Wiig left!” “SNL sucks!”

And yet SNL consistently produces a legitimate star, an important star even, every 5 years. So is it fair to say it’s totally irrelevant?

What did they achieve this week then? Well they bought themselves 9 months.

As for Kerry Washington…

Given that the subtitle for this blog is basically “Kerry Washington can do no wrong”, it shouldn’t surprise you that I loved her energy and her commitment to every sketch, even if the sketch was sh-t. Also, I think we need to see a lot more of her dancing. And Maria was right – her maternity style is going to be so fun to watch. How about that peter pan collar?

Yours in gossip,


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