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Dear Gossips,

It’s Gossip Night in Vancouver! Look forward to seeing you at French Connection on Robson at 6:30pm. We can talk about the actress who just homewrecked a family. See you there!

Roman Polanski accepted an award in Zurich yesterday as it was announced that a documentary that was shot while he was on house arrest would be screened at the festival. In the film, Polanski comments on his rape victim and his crime, and of course, while acknowledging that he sexually assaulted her, somehow manages to blame the press for some of her troubles.

That judge f-cked up, yes. The system was f-cked up, yes. But... you know... none of that goes down if you, like, refrain from drugging and sexing a child. Am I stupid or does that sound not really that complicated? Shut up Lainey, things are never so simple. Fine, but what about accountability? The court may have been corrupt, but he left, and he got to live in Paris for 30 years and hook up with Nastassja Kinski (who was 15 at the time to his 43) and make movies and win Oscars and get married and have children so...was there ever any atonement? His victim says she’s over it. I’m truly relieved for her. But some issues, some issues are bigger than one victim and one criminal.

Here’s that Star Magazine cover I wrote about yesterday. Still no official denial from Demi and Ashton. And other cheating allegations have surfaced too. Something about Ashton hooking up with a broad in San Diego the day before their wedding anniversary last week. Click here for more details. More empty threats to sue on Twitter? Or... are these the actions of a man who WANTED to get caught?

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