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Further to yesterday’s report that Blake Lively left Paris and Karl Lagerfeld, electing not to attend the Chanel Metier D’Art show in her new position as their bag model, to attend instead the Blue Valentine premiere and afterparty with Ryan Gosling in New York, seated beside him during dinner, comes this account from Women’s Wear Daily. (Thanks Lila!)

Apparently Blake and Ryan were in a booth. For an hour. And she was observed to be “getting handsy” with him. So there was a lot of knee touching then? Or does handsy mean something else in New York?

Before they could progress from handsy to tongue-y however, guess who came by for a little quality time of his own?

Oh... Harvey Weinstein.

According to WWD, Weinstein – responsible for selling Blue Valentine and who has campaigned tirelessly on behalf of it seeing as he’s the distributor – interrupted Ryan and Blake and instructed Ryan to hang out with a journalist, freeing up Blake all for himself, and he took the opportunity to “cozy up” to her.

Sleigh bells ring, are you listening?

There’s an interesting angle developing here though. Weinstein is not above romance – real or otherwise – to push a project. Whatever works, right? So this thing that’s happening between them, Ryan and Blake, it could very well have been initiated by Harvey. He pushes Ryan towards a high profile hookup – and please, look at her, why would Ryan reject that in his bed for a few weeks? – and counsels Blake about spending more time with an A list actor instead of piddling about with her boring ass tv (ex)boyfriend who is only holding her back...

Perhaps that’s why Chace Crawford and Michelle Trachtenberg, also at the Blue Valentine party, were pretending like Blake wasn’t there, straight up ignoring her, judging her apparently for leaving them behind. Like if they were in her position they wouldn’t do the exact same thing.

Will it last then, Blake and Ryan? They are terribly, terribly hot to look at. I’m not actually sure the cameras could handle it if they pulled some neck nuzzle action on a red carpet somewhere. The Golden Globes? Even I would have to wipe myself down. This is very good for Gossip. And, sigh, I have to support what’s good for Gossip.

Photos from Wenn.com

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