JT’s Grammy pout?

Lainey Posted by Lainey at January 24, 2014 17:10:52 January 24, 2014 17:10:52

The Grammys are supposed to celebrate the year that was in music. The Grammys may not always be fair (yes, we hear you Kanye) but I do love Grammy mash-ups. One of my favourite Grammy mash-ups of all time: One by U2 and Mary J Blige in 2006. If you ever pull up beside me at a red light and you see my mouth open wide screaming, I’m probably singing this version of the song. (Never noticed how Tom Cruisey Jenna Elfman was before it started. You see her clapping?)

There will be several interesting mash-ups this year at the Grammys. Many of them are being kept secret and Madonna might even make a surprise appearance. We do know however that Lang Lang, the pianist, will be performing with Metallica and Kendrick Lamar, sure to be one of the highlights, is being paired with Imagine Dragons.

And what about Justin Timberlake? JT would not get off my radio this year. JT has 7 Grammy nominations but none of them are in major categories. JT is apparently not singing on stage at the Grammys. When asked about JT missing from the lineup, Grammy show producer Ken Ehrlich told The Hollywood Reporter that:

“I don’t have a comment on that. I’m sorry he’s not with us. We would’ve loved to have had him.”

Maybe he’s being coy. Maybe JT’s fronting like he’s skipping it but will come down from a hole in the roof and cockblock everyone. Maybe he just wants to spend more time with his wife because she’s rumoured to be pregnant and he’s, ahem, putting her needs before his own. Sure. Or maybe Big Justin and Little Justin are the same. Justin Bieber threw a hissy when he wasn’t recognised by the Academy last year. And, well, if the rumours about JT are true – that he’s not performing because he’s being pouty – is that kind of the same? 


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