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As I’ve said, I don’t like being put in the position of having to defend celebrities. That’s not my job. And frankly, it’s actually not that much fun. But there’s no other perspective here as far as I’m concerned. Jake Gyllenhaal in this situation is beyond reproach.

Jakey was in Austin this weekend for the SXSW film festival to promote his latest Source Code. At some point he had to go pee. While he was taking care of that at the urinal some dude tried to take a photo of him. Pissing.

Needless to say, Jake reacted the way, well, the way anyone would. According to Cinematical, he tossed the motherf-cker against the wall, “are we really gonna do this right now?” The police were eventually called and apparently the photo was subsequently deleted.

Look, I run a gossip blog. You could say then that I’m the most degenerate and immoral bitch with a useless piece of sh-t job. And if even *I* think that’s offside, it’s really, really offside. Also…what purpose does this serve? WHO wants to see a picture of Jake Gyllenhaal taking a leak???

On a loosely related note…

On the subject of following celebrities into the bathroom…

I mean…

There are fans. They do this all the time. In Vancouver, Twi-Hards followed Kristen Stewart into the ladies’ once. So embarrassing. At TIFF last year I saw a group of girls do the same with Megan Fox. For a photo? Really? Is it worth your pride???

Because here’s what the celebrity is thinking: oh look at these LOSERS following me into the place where people piss and sh-t just to get a picture with me so they can post it on Facebook like it’s their greatest accomplishment in life. There’s NO OTHER WAY to put it. It’s a loser move. And if you have ever, ever considered it, please, please put it out of your mind immediately.

Photo from Mary Sledd/Gettyimages.com

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