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Lainey Posted by Lainey at November 4, 2010 09:03:31 November 4, 2010 09:03:31

Two buddy cops, right? It’s a good combination.

But first, James Franco is hitting the circuit hard right now promoting 127 Hours, opening this weekend. Highly highly recommend. He is so great, delivers such an amazing performance in this movie, only you have to steel yourself. You have to prepare yourself for a lot of discomfort, not only at the gruesome parts, but also by how you might feel while relating to that kind of isolation, desperation, loneliness, and, ultimately, with every minute that passes, the seeming futility of the situation. This is what affected me the most. I know already that I could never have done what Aron Ralston did to free himself. I know that I would have died. But to imagine being there, literally stuck in a crack in the earth, with no one around for miles and miles and miles, and perhaps worst still, that the people you love, that they might never know what happened to you, left to worry for the rest of their lives, this was what was most uncomfortable for me. It’s a discomfort that stayed with me for a long time afterwards. And I suppose that’s what Danny Boyle intended – not just to tell the story but, as great movies do, make you become the story too. 127 Hours is quite an achievement and they say James Franco will get an Oscar nomination for it, that he may even be one of the favourites along with Colin Firth.

So he’s making his rounds, on The Tonight Show last night with Jay Leno, rather charmingly talking about his mom, and how she’s just published a young adult novel and acting with him on soap operas. Pretty cute. But I still don’t know why he’s wearing his face with that facial hair. It’s not the most offensive celebrity moustache of all time, no, but that don’t mean it’s right.

As for Sharlto Copley, he showed up at the LA premiere of 127 Hours too. Hot right? Not sure if the two of them had a chance to meet or talk but it needs to happen. Not only because Franco & Copley sounds badass together, but also because I would watch that movie. That could be a great mindf-ck of a movie.

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