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Have you seen Spring Breakers yet? I put it on my iPad for my flight from Vancouver to Toronto the other day. Not really the best idea. Watching it on one of the plane’s personal seat viewers is one thing. But viewing it from your iPad, with much better resolution, so that the people around you can see your screen if they’re looking, is totally different. Because there are so many titty shots. The woman next to me was giving me the death glare.

Anyway, Spring Breakers was good. I didn’t love it, and I wouldn’t watch it over and over again, but I liked it enough and mostly because James Franco’s performance is terrific. He’s a gangster rapper. He’s ridiculous. He is mesmerising. He is magnificent. That’s it about Franco, right? If you forget about the poetry and the sculpting and The Artist identity, he is a wonderful actor, believable in every role, so f-cking talented… AS AN ACTOR.

If you haven’t, you should rent Spring Breakers for him. Just…maybe not on a plane.

Here’s Franco leaving a book signing yesterday. The book is called Moving Pictures / Moving Sculptures: the Films of James Franco. It’s about James Franco, obviously. But also about how James Franco is James Franco. I think? This is how it’s been described:

“A meditation on how James Franco's films relate to other dimensions of his artistic output."

And there are 4 DVDs that come with the book with 30 hours of footage on James Franco relating all of his dimensions.

Please, Franco.

So you’re archiving your ego, fine. But Beyonce did it first.


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