Jamie Chung and Bryan Greenberg

Lainey Posted by Lainey at August 27, 2013 17:53:36 August 27, 2013 17:53:36

And at this point, if you even clicked on this link at all, you're like...who?

Jamie Chung you probably recognise, sadly, from The Hangover movies. She and Bryan Greenberg are dating. I didn't know this until 5 minutes ago. Obviously they're not high on the gossip radar. I'm guessing they met on the set of their movie Flock Of Dudes? I dunno. I just checked IMDB. But the reason I care is because I used to be obsessed with him.

Have you seen Prime? He was HOT in Prime. There's a scene in Prime where he takes Uma Thurman to a house party and it didn't turn me off when he was dancing which...you know...that's hard to do.

Anyway, I was so down with that that I even watched a few episodes of that terrible tv series October Road. Then I wondered if he would be into Asians. That's what happened to a lot of us of other ethnicities growing up in North America. Some boys and girls we liked just weren't United Nations. Sometimes we learned that the hard way. And those experiences conditioned me to think of attraction like that. Would that dude be into a Chinese girl is usually thought #3 after:

-that looks good
-is there a move?
-would he be into Chinese?

Anyway, now I have my answer about Bryan Greenberg.

FameFlynet, Splash

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