January 6, 2014 – Smutty Shout-Outs

Lainey Posted by Lainey at January 6, 2014 13:34:11 January 6, 2014 13:34:11

Crystal! Happy Belated 28th Birthday! Hope you enjoyed your first birthday weekend with your husband. By request, here’s Taylor Kitsch.

To Aish from Stacey – new year, new job...Congratulations! It’s definitely your year. Anderson Cooper thinks so too. Look at the confidence in his face. I’ll be in New York in a couple of months. See you both again then?

And for Julie – Happy Birthday from the Gurus who can’t wait to see you again this summer at Chicago Smutpocalypse! (I’m sorry about last night. If it’s any consolation, I hate Colin Kaepernick.)

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