Jared Leto: Oscars Best Man (Duana)

Duana Posted by Duana at March 3, 2014 20:09:46 March 3, 2014 20:09:46

So here we are. Jared Leto won, and he is my Best Man.  

My 15-year-old self is looking at me askance. See, I was as big a fan of My So-Called Life as anyone, but Jordan Catalano did not make me squee. He scared me. He seemed angry and sad. It wasn’t like I was into Brian Krakow, but for years, Leto was a shorthand for most girls, but not for me. I thought he was too dark, or something. Too rock. Too 30 Seconds to Mars. (Lainey: Jordan Catalano is totally the prototype for every male character in New Adult Fiction.)

But I have to say, after Rayon, whom I really, really enjoyed and found compelling, Leto has been approaching things with a sense of humour I didn’t know he had. There are smiles and hairstyles and goofy photobombs.

…even if some people don’t quite get the joke.

He seems happy to be in the mainstream, happy to be doing this work. Even though he took “years off” for the passion project that is 30 Seconds to Mars, which is not a phrase you ever thought you’d hear at the Oscars.

And this is all before we get to the carefully told tale of his (gorgeous) mother, whom he clearly reveres. That’s when serious works well on him. When he told the crowd at the Independent Spirit Awards on Saturday that he wanted to thank “my future ex-wife Lupita”, there’s the playfulness (and a scarf I would like to borrow). It’s taken a long time to make the transition from sullen teenager to truly engaging actor, but I’m impressed, and on board. He wouldn’t mind that I was a bandwagon jumper, would he?

Of course, we haven’t even gotten to the fact that when you wear the weirdo cream jacket with white shirt you can brilliantly tie it all together with a shiny red bow tie. Seriously. Who are you, Oscar Winner Jared Leto? 

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