Jay, Jake, Bey, and Blue

Lainey Posted by Lainey at January 17, 2014 17:06:26 January 17, 2014 17:06:26

Jay-Z and Jake Gyllenhaal met up for lunch yesterday. The paps are calling it a “meeting”. But these two have been friends for a while. It’s not the first time they’ve hung out. Unfortunately Beyonce and the B.I.C. were not with them. They had their own plans in the city. Blue joined her mother at work and was seen being carried out of an office building late in the day. B really likes this outfit because she has full photos of it posted all over her Tumblr.

Today is Michelle Obama’s birthday. There’s speculation that Beyonce will sing in honour of the occasion although the White House won’t comment.

In other Beyonce news, a 5th video explaining the visual album was released recently – this time about “Honesty”. Then she goes on to talk about sex – flirtation, climax, and the after-cigarette. Which is really her way of describing what it feels like when she makes love to herself… because, come on, what gets Beyonce off more than Beyonce? Even Justin Timberlake agrees. She actually includes footage of him in the studio together where he’s totally floored by her talent. Then some other people come around and talk about how amazing she is. It’s like retweeting compliments only injected with gamma rays. Ha. Sarah’s going to be so proud of me that I made a superhero reference.

AKM-GSI/ Splash

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