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Jennifer Aniston lost her dog Norman recently. He was 15. I can barely talk about this. For those of you who have dogs, I know you understand. My oldest, Marcus, is 8 in June. Marcus is my first dog, my 30th birthday present. And I am still obsessed with him. So I can imagine it must have been hard for her, I can’t imagine HOW hard it must have been for her. I don’t want to imagine it ever.


As much as I hate to say this, and I do, and I’ve thought about it for two days because of it, as the loss of a pet is devastating for anyone, I wonder about the timing of the announcement. Norman died “a few weeks ago”, as confirmed by her publicist. Norman’s passing made headlines, a lot of them actually, on Monday.

Monday was also the day that Brad Pitt promoted Tree of Life at Cannes, bringing back a little Pitt Porn to the Croisette that night.

Coincidence …or conspiracy?

All that time to slide the item into the news cycle and it just so happens that it decides to break on the day her ex-husband and the mother of his 6 children dominate the celebrity landscape? I want to close my eyes and roll with this one, I really do. Dog owner to dog owner, that’s what I’d prefer. It’s just… I feel like even a gossip novice would be able to pick up on this one, right?

Anyway, Norman got papped a lot in his day. Look at his face in 2009 in New York when Jen was working on The Baster. And also, remember these? Norman and his hilarious face and John Mayer in Miami, May 2008, leaving on a private plane after he and Jen loved it up in the pool on a romantic weekend? Click here.

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