She don’t need no PUH

Lainey Posted by Lainey at April 20, 2009 17:14:13 April 20, 2009 17:14:13

Personal Umbrella Handler.

Jennifer Aniston, while the paps are around, she doesn’t need one.

This is Jen on the rainy NY set of The Baster today holding her own umbrella, great eye makeup, even better body, clutching her blackberry heading to shoot. Looks like a blackberry bold. My husband uses a bold. I use a curve while Duana, after almost 2 years, is still in love with her iPhone. I’d love an iPhone. But I don’t love the touch pad. I find it a bitch to text. And I mad text/email/post to my blog from my blackberry. And it’s a pain in the ass to crank out over 100 words on that screen…

Also don’t like using the phone on either the blackberry or the iPhone. It’s difficult to cradle between your neck and ultimately it just feels wrong. Which is why like an idiot I carry around a blackberry and a regular flip cell phone because I prefer talking on the flip mobile and keeping the bb for text/email/and browsing. But browsing on my curve sucks sh-t and I can’t access my webmail, like, ever. The bold is better for that but my complaint about the bold is that it’s too heavy. My curve is nice and light.

I’m the perfect test subject, see?

No one is pickier about this sh-t than I am. And the point is – the perfect product has yet to be made available.

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