The New Old Move

Lainey Posted by Lainey at August 26, 2008 06:58:33 August 26, 2008 06:58:33

This is Jennifer Aniston – seen yesterday out and about in Beverly Hills, photographers reporting that her mood seem to vacillate from near tears to happy smiles in a matter of seconds.

Indeed, it’s been a rough couple of weeks for everyone’s favourite Friend. It’s the public humiliation from the aftermath of the John Mayer saga, it’s the fact that yet another one of her publicity strategies has backfired, it’s that her media team is now scrambling, unable to decide on the next move, a move made even more difficult considering the most recent moves have been scrutinised and analysed and said to be lacking.

Click here to read NY Magazine’s brilliant article written by the brilliant Fug Girls from last week, essentially calling out Jennifer Aniston once and for all for her relentless and desperate attempt to appear desirable, still young, and talented at the same time.


There are however certain upsides to defeat. Changing a winning formula for a winner is a much riskier proposition. Changing a losing formula for the vanquished makes total sense.

Now is the time for Jen to reinvent. To stop allowing the MiniVan Majority to dictate her every move.

My sources tell me that this was suggested to Jennifer late last week at a meeting she took with her handlers – to show perhaps a different side of herself, one with more attitude, with an edge, to be a bitch once in a while, to stop trying to be perfect and pitiful, to take a project with some controversy, to woo Judd Apatow for some Katherine Heigl magic.

Word is she totally balked. Word is she still can’t go there.

So, instead, they apparently decided to look for another glossy tell-all. Another interview during which she’s encouraged to weep and then shake her fist in determination, another interview at the end of which her army of “you go girl” girls will follow her into the ocean and stand there until they change their own tides.

Same old, same old.


She needs John Stamos. John Stamos where are you?

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