Caring or not caring?

Lainey Posted by Lainey at April 15, 2011 08:51:18 April 15, 2011 08:51:18


It’s like, the only possible reaction to most of what Jennifer Garner puts on herself when she doesn’t have help from a stylist. You saw those dumbass pants from the other day, didn’t you? Click here for a refresher.

Yesterday she took Violet to dance class and it seemed like she might have thought about what she put on…but ended up sucking anyway? I can’t even talk about these boots and the way she’s wearing them. Like, I actually don’t understand how this happens. Where she finds it. And when she finds it, how it is that she ends up putting it together the way she does. How can someone screw up jeans and a t-shirt? It’s just so f-cking weird.

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