JLo & Coop???

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Before we get into TIFF and how Stacy Keibler has erased all trace of the former Italian Queen Elisabetta Canalis, we need to talk about Jennifer Lopez and Bradley Cooper. Is this how we’re starting a new week in gossip? I love it so much.

TMZ broke the story yesterday that JLo and Coop went on a date in New York. They were alone. And according to TMZ, it was “romantic”.

Eight weeks ago, Jennifer announced that she and Marc Anthony were divorcing. So... yeah...the timing is about right. Remember what I said at the time: she moves on - FAST. She moved on from almost marrying Ben Affleck to actually marrying Marc in 6 months. Come on. Was there any doubt that she’d want to throw herself into a new love situation? Both for the personal AND professional benefits?

Coop could gain from it too, although if Ben is any example, sometimes the JLo publicity comes with such a detrimental price, it takes marriage and children and a suppression of one’s vices to be able to make a full Hollywood recovery.

Before you start predicting a wedding date however - New Year’s Eve? - PEOPLE is contradicting TMZ’s report, confirming that the two did indeed hook up for dinner, but that it was strictly business, to talk about working together on a movie? Oh publicists. Is that the best you could do?

If it were PEOPLE vs In Touch, or some chronically unreliable UK paper, I’d be more inclined to believe the denial. Coming from TMZ though? TMZ is not In Touch Weekly. My money’s on TMZ. And my money is on Marc not knowing...until he found out from TMZ. And promptly lost his sh-t. Which is why a phone call had to be made to PEOPLE to try and shut it down...for now.

So JLo & BCoop - are you into it? Please. This is Good for Gossip. As I’ve been telling you: a single JLo is always Good for Gossip.

Attached - Jennifer and Coop sat next to each other during NY Fashion Week last year. Good body language, right?

Photos from Theo Wargo/ Michael Loccisano/Gettyimages.com

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