JLo doesn’t want to talk about love

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What is this world? Where Jennifer Lopez, who loves loving love, doesn’t want to talk about love? That would be like Mimi wearing flats, walking briskly and steadily towards the driver’s side of a car and opening the door herself. Inconceivable.

But there was JLo yesterday at the Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut to promote her fashion and home collection for Kohl’s, demurring at the mention of her love life, insisting that she’s no longer in the business of gushing. On that note, can we please take a moment to enjoy the following? You think you’ll only watch a minute of this, right?  I’ll see you in 7.

Accordingly to JLo, those days are gone. She said yesterday that:

“As a mom, and having children, right now they're my first priority. And because of them, I wouldn't ever comment on anything until I'm in a serious relationship again. It would just be confusing for them and it would be unfair. And so at the end of the day, it's about them.”

The key here a “serious relationship”. When have you ever known her to be a casual dater? JLo doesn’t know the field. JLo doesn’t see the field. She sees one player at a time and he proposes to her a month later. And that brings us to Bradley Cooper.

They made the new cover of Us Weekly. Apparently he totally courted her. Late night phone calls that wore her down and then she slept over. True? Dunno. I do know however that she wants you think it is. Remember when People Magazine cockblocked Us Weekly on the Lopez/Anthony split? Remember how she made it up to them? Click here for a refresher. I’m just saying there’s a relationship here between celebrity and publication.

So...that must be awkward. Because she’s also working on a reality star search show with her ex Marc Anthony.  It was announced today that Q’Viva The Chosen (American Idol for a Latin audience) will air on 21 broadcast networks around the world including Univision in the United States. That’s MEGA viewership. That’s JLo’s career, in one year, thanks to Idol, now soaring. And still professionally attached to the father of her children with whom she must travel around the world on the hunt for new talent.

What if...

During the show...

Marc Anthony hooks up with a very, very attractive contestant - who can also sing - who moves deep into the competition?

Please. There’s your telenovela. They’re about to deliver 10 hours of daily programming.

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