Chris Evans and Jenny Slate barely look at each other

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Chris Evans and Jenny Slate met while filming a movie called Gifted last year. Then, in the early summer, Slate was getting divorced and hooking up with Evans, in a bit of timing that would have drawn a lot more side-eye if Evans was the one bailing on a marriage. But because Jenny Slate isn’t that famous, especially compared to the new #1 in the Worldwide Avenger Power Rankings—Chris Evans/Cap is officially more popular than RDJ/Iron Man—the “nerdy girl gets the prom king” narrative pretty well worked out for the public depiction of their romance.

I mention this because the first trailer for Gifted has come out and scenes that include both Evans and Slate are barely included. Evans is obviously the star here, the most famous marketable face attached, but Slate’s role, to my understanding, isn’t small, and there is a romance angle with their characters. You would not know it by looking at this trailer, which focuses squarely on the family drama between a guy fighting with his mother over the fate of his math genius niece. Gifted does not look terrible—the director is Marc Webb, who made (500) Days of Summer before Spider-Man waylaid him for a few years—but it does look a LOT like the Jodie Foster film Little Man Tate.

The message is clear though. Chris Evans and Jenny Slate’s real life relationship will not be a marketing asset for Gifted. At least not so far. Evans has really clamped down on his private life and public image since taking on Captain America, so this isn’t terribly surprising. He’s been more visible with Slate than previous girlfriends, but right now it doesn’t look like that will extend to selling Gifted as their romance fairytale meet cute. Probably because Slate was still married when they met, and they’ve successfully navigated that hurdle. Why open it up to more speculation, even for the sake of a film that will need all the marketing help it can get.

Attached – Jenny Slate performing at Festival Supreme in LA at the end of October.

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