Jesse in Rome

Lainey Posted by Lainey at November 1, 2010 13:00:19 November 1, 2010 13:00:19

I've been meaning to post photos of him for a while and then something always came up. Then on Friday night Zombieland was showing on HBO. Again I was reminded how much I like him. I liked him a lot in Adventureland. And very much for his brilliant performance in The Social Network. And the angles of his face. How he's managed to disguise that he's actually very, very goodlooking, only you don't notice so much because it's not distracting.

Jesse is in Rome today promoting TSN at the film festival. He's on his own because Andrew Garfield is busy on Spider-Man and JT is, oh who the f-ck cares. Am tired of how much play that pip is getting for the 6 or 7 scenes he has in the movie.

Like all that Oscar talk. The studio is pushing hard for nominations across the board, and curiously a lot of journalists I've spoken to think Jesse and Andrew deserve it, and Sorkin for screenplay, but definitely not Timberlake for Supporting. Mysteriously though people seen unwilling to say this loud. If you've seen the movie though, you know.

Still, they're trying very hard to convince the Academy that giving him a nomination will up their "coolness". Can you imagine if they call Justin Timberlake's name but not Jesse Eisenberg's?

Photos from and Ernesto Ruscio/TIZIANA FABI/

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