Jessica Alba:not eating makes you a crankier bitch

Lainey Posted by Lainey at August 2, 2006 12:00:00 August 2, 2006 12:00:00
If you"re new to the site and you need some background, go through the archives and read up on how she steps on the little people. I can line up at least half a dozen civilians who"ve been personally either yelled at or snubbed by her highness and all for the great crime of waving or asking for an autograph or - shocker of shockers! - telling her how much they love her. I guess in her case, being grateful is highly overrated. So here"s the experiment: if a bitch stops eating, does she become nicer, or does she get 10 times worse? Well, if it"s Alba we"re talking about, it gets a thousand times worse. Have a look - Jessica in Vancouver with her new puppy and her ever protruding bones. Girl"s always been thin - slammin" body in fact - but lately, it’s a shade more extreme, non? And it seems that whatever she"s doing to drop the weight is also affecting her mood. Last week on the seawall, a couple of young girls tried to approach her and offer their adoration when according to eyewitnesses, she apparently hissed "Get away from me!" before storming off. There was also an alleged incident in a restaurant with her assistant when a fan came up to ask for an autograph and she spoke THROUGH her aide, snidely remarking, "I"m really not in the mood for this - make it go away." Still trying to get corroboration on the 2nd encounter but it absolutely fits in with misdemeanors past, which just goes to show you, starving is not only bad for your body, it"s also bad for the soul. Someone, anyone, please feed this bitch before she starts growing horns...

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