Mrs Timberlake gets a job too!

October 17, 2013 13:26:00 Posted at October 17, 2013 13:26:00
Lainey Posted by Lainey
TC/ Splash

Check out Mrs Timberlake on the set of her new “indie thriller” Shiva & Mel yesterday in LA. Other cast members include Zosia Mamet, Joe Anderson, and Edi Gathegi. Mrs T and Mamet will play sisters. Mamet is a sex worker with a sh-tty boyfriend and Mrs T is a yoga instructor who has to change her gentle ways in order to protect her sibling. It would appear then that since the bigger marquee parts have not been available to her, she’s now focusing on smaller, grittier projects in the hopes that they’ll elevate to the next level, the Scarlett Johansson and Anne Hathaway level, and off of the Kate Bosworth level where she resides now. Not sure why she’s still not considering a return to television but then again, Justin Timberlake probably wants more for his wife.

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