Tranny Freeze

October 3, 2007 09:31:27 Posted at October 3, 2007 09:31:27
Lainey Posted by Lainey

Granny Freeze Nicole Kidman meet Tranny Freeze Jessica Simpson.

We were talking about it the other night… it’s undeniable now. Something is UP with her face. And it’s a pattern we detected: Jessica Simpson’s break up surgery. After every failed relationship, she goes straight for the needle.

Last time it was Restalyne in her lips – this time, given the way she’s been looking perpetually stunned, I’m thinkin’ Botox.

Check out Jess with her girls all pushed up last night in NYC with old friend Cacee Cobb. Don’t mind the shirt dress. Definitely mind the shoes. Girls like Jess should never wear animal.


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