Kicking off the Country Campaign

Lainey Posted by Lainey at June 6, 2008 08:50:35 June 6, 2008 08:50:35

It’s been brewing for a while but Jessica Simpson’s courtship of the country circuit is moving into a more aggressive stage. She showed up in Nashville and surprised fans with an impromptu autograph session at the CMA Music Festival Block Party on Wednesday and sampled some local nightlife (with her dad!?!?!) later that night.

Yesterday she turned up on stage at the festival’s nightly concert show looking fresh-faced which is a very good sign.

Maybe her perverted pimp of a father decided to back off and give her and Tony some space. Maybe their romantic outlook isn’t so bleak anymore. Maybe we’ve averted another High Waisted Atrocious Disaster.

Or maybe not.

The Weather of Love can turn in a flash.

My smutty sense is tingling. There will be a Love Storm soon enough. My concern is that this is a girl who doesn’t seem to have any real girlfriends. The ones who catch your tears and feed your soul. If Jessica Simpson had girlfriends she’d have avoided so many of her regrets. She would have fired her father a long time ago.

I would totally be her friend. Would you be her friend?

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