Tranny Needs to Shave

Lainey Posted by Lainey at April 9, 2008 11:08:00 April 9, 2008 11:08:00

It’s all in the name of art but the timing is piss poor, pardon the pun. Jessica Simpson pictured here on the cover of Esquire shaving her face, recreating as similar cover of actress Virna Lisi from 1965.

Problem is, recently in particular, the image of a woman shaving isn’t exactly associated with sexy. Especially not in light of the Tammy Thomas situation.

You’ve heard of Tammy Thomas right?

She was the US Olympic cyclist caught for using steroids when a doping agent showed up for a random urine test at her door and found shaving cream on her face. Jim Rome went on a hilarious rant about it the other day. Can you imagine knocking on a woman’s door only to be greeted with the sight of her razor in hand, taking care of her stubble?

And then Jessica Simpson, who I always call a tranny, shows up on the cover of Esquire…. SHAVING???

Not sweet. Not sexy. Not seductive. And steroids f&ck you up.

Here’s Tammy Thomas. Now you see why this Esquire cover was a bad idea.


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