Porny at the casino

Lainey Posted by Lainey at July 30, 2008 08:37:23 July 30, 2008 08:37:23

Fallsview Casino at Niagara Falls is one of my mother’s favourites. She likes the penny slots. She says the games are the most interactive. She claps her hands and cackles at the carton stories that creep across the screen. And she says she often doesn’t have to play very long to get comped for lunch AND dinner at the buffet.

Fallsview Casino will also play host to Jessica Simpson for 2 shows in August. Her first show at the Avalon Theatre sold out so quickly, casino executives say it was an automatic to book her for a second.

The Avalon Theatre seats 1,500 people. As in one thousand, five hundred.

Don’t laugh!

Remember…Jess is kicking off her country career. And you have to admire her for starting at the bottom. Once upon a time, Shania Twain had to play casinos too! And the Smothers Brothers are performing at Fallsview a mere 10 days before her. And Tony Bennett is coming in October! She’s in good company!

Plus, you know the casino concert-going folk will be all over her porny footwear. Jessica will be among her people. She’s finally home.

One quick note though on the album cover:

Am all over the stripped down feel, the boots are a bit obvious, but hair and the white dress work well. Just… the eye makeup. And the expression.

The eye-expression combination screams “tranny” over “porny”. Porny, for a certain crowd, is certainly not a bad thing. If porny’s what you were born to look like, why not make it work? Wouldn’t be the first time looking like a porn star sold a few records.

Tranny on the other hand… well, tranny isn’t exactly mainstream lucrative. Joe should have known this when marketing the record. Sometimes it’s as subtle as the eye shadow, you know what I mean?

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