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Porny’s Pregnant Christmas

December 27, 2012 15:25:09 Posted at December 27, 2012 15:25:09
Lainey Posted by Lainey
Apollo/FAMEFLYNET, Splash News

It’s official, even though you’ve known about for almost a month now -- Jessica Simpson confirmed her pregnancy by posting a photo of her daughter Maxwell in “BIG SIS” pose and announcing it via a new commercial for Weight Watchers (posted below). Then, conveniently, the paps converged in Hawaii where Porny’s on holiday with her family. Full Story

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Full body Porny

December 19, 2012 18:45:01 Posted at December 19, 2012 18:45:01
Lainey Posted by Lainey

In her first ad for Weight Watchers, Jessica Simpson was only shot from the neck up, presumably because she’d not reached her goal. Which, you know, is a lovely message, non? If you don’t reach your goal, it means you are hideous and no one wants to see you between your shoulders and your knees. Full Story

Using the baby to hide the baby bump

November 30, 2012 20:47:59 Posted at November 30, 2012 20:47:59
Lainey Posted by Lainey
FameFlynet, Splash

US Weekly broke the news earlier this week that Porny is expecting with her second, 6 months after Maxwell was born. Maria wrote to me when the story was released about how this is quick, and something to do with getting pregnant while breastfeeding and I don’t know but I think the point was that a lot of people think you can’t but you can? And since it was supposedly unplanned, this would partly explain what happened. Full Story

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Porny is pregnant again

November 28, 2012 14:46:07 Posted at November 28, 2012 14:46:07
Lainey Posted by Lainey
Mike Coppola/ Getty

Oh here we go. More gross belly cupping on the way. US Weekly reports exclusively that Jessica Simpson is pregnant again. There’s no official confirmation but the magazine did reach out to her reps in advance with no comment in response and that means they were given a heads up about the story. Full Story

Porny Medieval Milkmaid?

October 31, 2012 18:57:23 Posted at October 31, 2012 18:57:23
Lainey Posted by Lainey

I dunno. What would you call it? Jessica Simpson’s freeloader is, I think, some kind of Braveheart. (As IF.) The child is a cute little chicken. The mother... As usual it’s a contrast in porny opposites: Little girl hair in two ponytails... All kinds of tits spilling over. Full Story

The Problem with Being the Girl Next Door

October 4, 2012 14:01:12 Posted at October 4, 2012 14:01:12
Maria Posted by Maria

Jessica Simpson has just come off her major Weight Watchers push – it’s still too early to tell whether it was a successful endorsement for either brand, but that’s just one deal. Simpson is a lifestyle juggernaut. And her entire empire is predicated on one idea: Jessica’s fans can have exactly what she has – clothing, shoes, perfume, jeans, sunglasses, and even her weave (remember Hairdo? Full Story

Jessica Fondles Her Fanbase

September 19, 2012 20:15:22 Posted at September 19, 2012 20:15:22
Maria Posted by Maria

When Lainey emailed me about Jessica Simpson’s guest post on iVillage, I was like “Ugh f-ck here we go again.” Disliking Jessica Simpson is so easy but kind of tiring, too. She tests the support system that, in theory, women (particularly new moms) are supposed to provide one another. Full Story

The Tale Of Two Jessicas

September 17, 2012 16:27:26 Posted at September 17, 2012 16:27:26
Duana Posted by Duana

I suffer from entertainment news fatigue or maybe ADD. The cycle of pop-culture news stories, which flows from the first time you read a story when your dad finally mentions he heard something on Jay Leno, can be excruciatingly slow. Ordinarily I wouldn’t try to swim against the current and have still more to say about something that’s been well-discussed elsewhere. Full Story

Porny’s “not about the numbers”

September 11, 2012 22:01:24 Posted at September 11, 2012 22:01:24
Lainey Posted by Lainey
Wenn, Fameflynet

$3-4 million is a pretty nice number. Are you sure it’s not about the numbers? It’s ONLY about the f-cking numbers. Let’s talk about some of the dumbness that has been coming out of Porny’s mouth this week as she promotes her try to be thinness all over New York. Full Story

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Ready to praise Porny?

September 10, 2012 18:14:54 Posted at September 10, 2012 18:14:54
Lainey Posted by Lainey

Jessica Simpson flew from LA to NYC this weekend in advance of her big interview with Katie Couric during which she will tell you, having been paid $4 million by Weight Watchers, how hard it was to lose the baby weight and how her struggle is so relatable. Then you are supposed to be inspired. Because Jessica Simpson will have done something so heroic. Full Story

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