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Lainey Posted by Lainey at September 16, 2015 15:41:02 September 16, 2015 15:41:02

Jacek is pretty handy around the house. Years ago when we lived in a small condo in Vancouver we redid the kitchen and bathroom ourselves. And by “ourselves”, I mean he did it and I stood by, watched, and complained. That was when he started accumulating sh-t: drills and saws and things that I don’t have a name for, tapping into the gene that runs in his family. The Szenowiczes are all linked to building and construction. Last November, Jacek redid our entire upstairs bathroom on his own. (It, ahem, took him 2 weeks longer than he’d promised but whatever.) And before that, the laundry room and several other projects that we needed to do when we moved in a couple of years ago. Basically he has the confidence now to fix or redo pretty much anything around the house. 

One thing he won’t do, however, is electrical. Like heights and water, electrocution is not something he’s fond of and doesn’t feel the need to try it. And we recently needed to install some fluorescent lights in our garage as well as put a couple of outlets in places that needed them. For this, we used Jiffy.

Jiffy is a web and mobile platform that connects homeowners with service providers in real time, based on proximity and availability. You no longer have to search, review, contact, schedule and negotiate with service providers. Request a Jiffy service and choose the time that’s convenient for you - even if it’s ASAP. A qualified and pre-vetted professional will take care of whatever needs fixing (Jiffy offers 20 plus services) and bill you directly to your credit card with the click of a button. It’s basically the Uber of home repairs. So we ordered up the service on Jacek’s iPhone. The electrician showed up the next morning and got everything installed by noon (which, unlike Jacek’s timeline projections, was totally as promised). The work was done perfectly. Payment was easy. And no one lost an arm. 

If you’re interested in finding out more about Jiffy or want to book a service now, check them out in the app store at  Enter promo code ‘laineygossip’ and get $25 off your first service appointment when you book.  Jiffy is currently serving the GTA only but is coming soon to cities across Canada.  Want more info? Here are all the other ways to reach them:

Web -
Facebook -
Twitter - @jiffyondemand
Instagram - jiffyondemand #jiffyondemand
LinkedIn -
App Store -

Happy repair…watching!

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