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Written by Sarah

Last month Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy announced they split up - on Twitter, of course. It feels like ages since Jim Carrey has been relevant. Has Jenny McCarthy ever been so? Can you imagine what they were like as a couple? Two loud comedians prone to crudity and making funny faces. Did they resolve all their conflicts with a fart contest?

But that was last month. This month Carrey is perving on randoms in New York City clubs. According to the New York Post, he rolled into a club in the wee hours with an entourage of “at least” ten women, canoodling in VIP to the extent that someone demanded he get a room. Because he was double tonguing a blonde and a brunette. Oh great. Now Jim Carrey thinks he’s Vince Chase. But at least he’s moving on right? He’s out circulating, having fun, being seen. Play on. So…where is Jenny McCarthy?

According to US, she’s hanging in Vegas, macking on dudes at the Playboy Club. And she can’t remember their names. Can you blame her? It’s been a tough couple of months for Jenny. Not only did her long-term relationship end, but she’s getting hammered on the Autism front lately. She has an Autistic son, and though I will sometimes poke fun at her, McCarthy has become a leading Autism activist over the last several years. But her views, largely based on the claim that vaccines cause Autism, were controversial at best, and now that claim has lost so much support in the scientific community that McCarthy is being called a quack and a nut. And just days after announcing the break-up, her school for Autistic children, Teach2Talk Academy, was closed down. Jenny needs to get her groove back.

Remember when Jim Carrey was funny?

Here is Jim Carrey out and about in LA yesterday.

Written by Sarah

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