Wallet chains make you straighter

April 26, 2012 15:44:47 Posted at April 26, 2012 15:44:47
Lainey Posted by Lainey

There was a party for Barbra Streisand last night in Malibu to celebrate her 70th birthday. Katie Morosky is 70!

Here are John Travolta and Kelly Preston leaving at the end of the night. So...is that a wallet chain coming out of his jeans? This is the sh-t I wish Johnny Depp would cut out of his wardrobe. I mean, at some point it turns into a peace sign in every single photo, with blonde tips and spiked hair, and maybe a fake limp.

Then there’s John Travolta which...thank you for the laugh but, really, who at this point doesn’t know???

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