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Said it before and I’ll say it again – he is not on the Freebie Five because one night would never do. One night with Johnny Depp…only one night… are you crazy???

No no… Johnny deserves An All Time standing. Johnny Depp is All Time. And check him out at the Pirates premiere last night Disneyland. So beautiful it hurts me.

Beautiful also because when even when Johnny does big budget studio, it doesn’t stink of a sell out. And at the very least, isn’t that the measure of his true star? That he is a huge blockbuster star and doesn’t act like a huge blockbuster star? That even when he talks of his family, it doesn’t feel like he’s pimpin’ them for promotion?

Recent interview with the Daily Mail, Johnny dishes on his daughter and on Kate Moss. I LOVE what he says about Kate Moss – a love affair for the ages, although he says it wasn’t nearly as dramatic as it was made out to be.

About a report that they once bathed in a bathtub filled with champagne:
"I wish it was true," he says, with a sad little smile.

Call me Cruise but that made me quiver.

And more…

The writer says he is “clearly uneasy talking about Kate, whom he"s not spoken to since they split up. One feels this is more out of loyalty to Paradis than lack of love for Moss.”

"I was not good for Kate. But she"s a strong girl and a great girl and very smart."

He also takes exception to the media’s coverage of her cocaine scandal and her relationship with Pete Doherty:

"Dragging her through the mud like that - they are weird and two-faced. Let her be! I have never met Pete Doherty, but I think he has talent and he and Kate could be great together. She"s got a great brain on her and she"s a good mummy."

Are you passing out yet?

Wait…there’s more. On Vanessa Paradis – he calls her “my girl”:

"You have this feeling - I can"t really explain what it was, but I had it when I met Vanessa. I saw her across a room and I thought: "What"s happening to me?" I had no way of knowing how great a person she was or how great a mother she would be. I can remember thinking the last thing in the world I wanted was a relationship, but it was impossible to escape. I was gone."

And the final thrust to send you over the edge – the way he talks about his daughter Lily-Rose, having just recovered from a serious illness:
"(She) was not only the greatest thing that"s ever happened - it"s the only thing that"s ever happened to me. I helped give our daughter life and I feel she gave me life. Suddenly, you meet your reason to live, meet the future. It was like my birth in a way. I was born that day."

Sigh. Swoon.

He. Is. Perfect.



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