Jon Hamm is punctual

February 28, 2014 17:38:41 Posted at February 28, 2014 17:38:41
Lainey Posted by Lainey
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What usually happens is that you're told to get to the carpet for a 730pm check-in with talent expected to arrive at 8pm (but we all know it's more like 830pm or later). Last night at the Artists For Peace And Justice fundraiser Jon Hamm got there, literally, at 8pm.

That almost never happens with a name as prominent as his. I was impressed. So I thanked him for being fashionably punctual. And he told me that, being from the mid-West, they were as polite as Canadians. What the f-ck Jon Hamm? You are not behaving like an asshole. You were accommodating to every media member on the press line. You promoted the charity and you had some fun with the questions. (He told me that Jared Leto has better hair than he does.) Did you not read the Celebrity Handbook on how to be a dick at fundraisers?

Because Vanessa Hudgens came after him and blew off most reporters. Kate Beckinsale posed for photos and didn't talk at all. And Jared Leto? We'll get to Jared Leto, who was also on the event committee, like Jon Hamm. Hamm, to his credit, fulfilled his duties to the committee. And Maria Bello did too. The others? Debatable. Also I think Hamm wore underwear. 

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