Pacey vs the GMD

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Last week I posted this article about Joshua Jackson and Katie Holmes both in New York working at the  same time on separate projects.

For three years, KatE has been isolated from her past, alienated from the reality that defined before that fateful motorcycle ride with the Gay Midget Dwarf. Since then, her memories have been erased.

But Joshua Jackson isn’t opposed to reviving them.

Joshua was at the Fringe premiere last night as was asked about seeing Katie’s All My Sons on Broadway:

“Of course! Of course!

When pressed about keeping in touch with his Dawson family, Joshua replied:

"How often do you talk to your college friends. I mean, I talk to Michelle [Williams] every once in a while. I talk to Busy [Philipps], who is just about to have a baby, every once in a while."

Hmmm…must have been a long while. Pretty sure Busy already had her baby Birdie, non?

The question is – will Joshua be allowed to get close enough to Katie to begin deprogramming her? Doubtful.

He’s blissfully in love now with Diane Kruger. They’ve moved in together and she’s thrown out half his old ugly clothes. This is beyond serious.

But on a day like today, when I’m achey and fluey again, Dawson’s Creek is like congee: comforting and warm and a reminder of a time we took for granted.

Below – fan video. Cheese but it works.

Source Us Weekly

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