Julia Louis-Dreyfus: Best Emmys Acceptance, Again

Duana Posted by Duana at August 26, 2014 09:11:49 August 26, 2014 09:11:49

The thing with JLD is she doesn’t pretend she’s not excellent.

You know like at a sleepover when you’re 12, and some girl asks another “Truth or dare…(truth, these kinds of girls always pick truth) …what’s it like being so pretty? Like you’re so pretty.”

It’s not asked in a Mean Girls way but still the only answer is “ummm….?”

Or you have to say you’re not pretty, which is untrue. So the only way JLD gets away with admitting that she’s, yes, nominated all the time and, in a year when people have repeat-win fatigue, totally and extremely deserving, is that you just be awesome.

If you have more than your fair share (as if these things are fair) you don’t blush about it, you don’t oh-my-goodness your way up there – you prove it even as you’re winning. 

She made us laugh in her acceptance speech, as she has been doing for about three years, at least in this latest cycle of being awesome.

On another note, her dress was evasive, colourwise. I could have sworn it was a warm hot pink, but then it looked quite red in a backstage shot. 

Kevin Winter/ Jason Merritt/ Michael Buckner/ Getty Images

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