July 11, 2013 – Smutty Shout-Outs

Lainey Posted by Lainey at July 11, 2013 14:51:59 July 11, 2013 14:51:59

To Heather on your wedding week, a little Joe Carter and the “Doug” Hangover song by Stu!
Love your sisters xoxo

"This is for my sweetest love Haley, who is engaged to marry her perfect match on November 2.  I love you and I hope I picked your best five. Wait.... Of course I did! -- Veronica" 

Good luck to Genn Pardo on your first novel Fully Booked with proceeds in support of therapy dogs in Canada and the US. Click here for more on the Canadian Service Dog Foundation and click here for more information on Pawprints, the Boston Children's Hospital therapy dog visitation program.

And finally, Happy Birthday to Dr Dias from GossipCon! You are spending quality time with the fam right now so while we have missed your posts about James Franco and your insults about Canadians, we also miss and love you. We send well wishes to your Papa and look forward to seeing you again soon. Xoxo

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