July 20, 2012 - Smutty Shout-Outs

Lainey Posted by Lainey at July 20, 2012 14:57:33 July 20, 2012 14:57:33

Kristy! Happy Wedding Day! Vanesa says you’re such an organised bride it’s meant that her Maid Of Honour duties have been light. Um, put her to WORK! Wishing you a wonderful, memorable day, and so many more of them in your marriage.

Happy 30th Birthday Michelle with love from Staci who requested for you your favourite Blake Lively and suggested it could be old school too. OMG. Remember Blake Lively in 2005?

Oh and by the way Staci - you might regret that offer about Congressional one day. Jacek has no shame when it comes to golf invitations.

To my lovely & amazing sister Leslie in Edmonton from your sister Michelle in Calgary who thinks you are more wondrous than Wonder Woman, more motherly, capable & organized than Clair Huxtible, a selfless, generous sister who loves her family and her man effortlessly, and who is more beautiful than Aniston & Jolie combined!! By request, here’s vintage Rob Lowe, James McAvoy, Philip Seymour Hoffman, the sexy bear, and Tom Cruise ride dancing, one of the best videos of all time. Enjoy!

Happy Birthday Jessica from Emilie who asked for Christian Bale who gave you your first “not a girl, not yet a woman” feelings, Patrick Sharp, and Tom Hardy, your man for all seasons.

And for Amy who is missing Jeanne...

I am sorry for your loss. For both of them. Thank you for sharing your memories with me: Brad Pitt was your bond with her. Here’s Tristan coming home. I like to imagine this is how Jeanne arrived when she got to where she went.

And this from Beaches, because the moment we meet our best friend is one of the best memories we’ll ever have:

Finally, here’s Brad Pitt in Cannes at the premiere of Tree Of Life.

My sympathies to you and your family.

Wenn, Peter Kramer/Matthew Simmons/Getty

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