Justified 3.13: “A man in a hat pointing a gun at Boyd”

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Justified Season 3 Episode 13.

All right, here we go with the final Justified of season three. Time to see who lives and dies. I think Quarles and Dickie Bennett are going to eat it, but Limehouse will survive—probably not Errol, though—and so will Wynn Duffy because he’s a cockroach and will outlive them all.

The aftermath of the explosion/shooting at the Crowder bar and State Trooper Tom has died. Raylan is upset and quietly on the war path, like he does. Boyd fingers Duffy for the car bomb and Arlo shows up, surprisingly lucid. This “Arlo is nuts now” storyline is largely pointless. Resolve it or drop it, I don’t care, but I don’t want to see it again. He and Raylan have a loaded moment establishing that Raylan was not the “cop in a hat” who got killed. Raylan side-eyes Arlo, sensing something off.

Because yep, Arlo is crazy again, ranting about dead Aunt Helen bossing him around. Boyd has to make him take his medicine. Arlo is a liability now. If Raylan doesn’t kill him, Boyd will.

Raylan catches up with Duffy, who is all squirrely trying to worm his way out of trouble. Raylan revives Otis The Fat Cannibal’s “Harlan roulette” game, asking Duffy questions and firing a revolver at him when he answers. Duffy is all, “Whatevs, you won’t shoot me,” and he’s like, “JFC you shot at me!” when Raylan pulls the trigger.

Why do people still doubt that Raylan will pull the trigger?

Yes, Wynn, the world is a crazy place when Raylan Givens is trigger happy and no, it’s not legal, but he’s on the war path now, son. This is how he rolls. This Raylan/Duffy roulette scene is probably my favorite of the whole season so far. Raylan is juuuust hanging on by a thread and Jere Burns does a great job shifting between confidant Duffy and freaked out, please-don’t-kill-me Duffy. He’s such a worm, but he’s a great character.

Promo for Wilfred, which comes back in May. TV’s weirdest comedy. Are you watching?

We’re back on this bridge where all the sh*t in Harlan County goes down. Boyd is meeting with Limehouse. I love how Boyd doesn’t react to the mention of Devil. Limehouse returns Boyd’s money and calls them quits, except Limehouse obviously still has something up his sleeve.

Raylan is waiting for Limehouse back at the rib shack. These scenes always make me crave some Ironworks BBQ.

I don’t think Limehouse has ever really stopped seeing Raylan as the kid he knew twenty-five years ago, but then, Raylan gets all hot-headed and crazy and loses the advantage. Still, Limehouse is willing to help set up Boyd. Which means eventually Raylan and Boyd are going to end up in a shoot-out, probably against Quarles.

Gutterson and Brooks are searching for Quarles, and we cut to a family camping. Well clearly Quarles is about to show up and ruin their lives. And yes, there he is, carjacking them.

Boyd’s man Shelby is the sheriff in Harlan now, and he tips Boyd to a warrant for his arrest over Devil’s murder. This must be what Limehouse gave Raylan. Boyd only has a half-hour to run.

This poor family. Quarles has kidnapped/carjacked them. They were just at a Christian rock festival and now they’re cannon fodder for Quarles. He calls Theo—I love these scenes at Theo’s villa. The framing is so tight to cut out any sign of LA in the background, but you can hear helicopters in the sound mix. Theo calls it his “California house” but they don’t want to show it as LA. Don’t be ashamed, Justified! Quarles has to pay Theo $500K to get clear of the trouble he’s in, but he’s still out of the Detroit outfit.

Boyd knows it was Limehouse that sold him out to the Marshals, and it was probably batsh*t crazy Arlo who tipped off Limehouse, thinking he was talking to dead Aunt Helen. Oh, I love this Boyd/Ava moment as they say goodbye, knowing Boyd will be arrested (but will he, really?).

Quarles ditches mom on the side of the road and drives off with the kids. What an asshole.

Arlo apologizes for treating Raylan like sh*t as a kid. Raylan’s reaction is classic. Totally deadpan. But Arlo’s obvious craziness catches his attention. Ava talks with Johnny Crowder about how to save Boyd. Johnny connects Dickie Bennett to Ella Mae, the hooker, who talks to Arlo. Arlo, who talked to “her” about all kinds of things. So, eventually Dickie Bennett, Ella Mae and Arlo are going to see the business end of Ava’s shotgun. She’s as trigger happy as Raylan.

Raylan has a hunch about how Quarles will come up with the $500K for Theo but Art blows him off and sends him back to the office. Quarles uses Mitch, the youngest kid, to talk to Raylan, threatening to kill Mitch if Raylan doesn’t obey him (how very Moriarty). They meet up and this might be where Quarles dies. He disarms Raylan and pretty much kidnaps him, too.

Pig’s tongue? Gross. (Lainey: I just bought some pig tongue last night at the T&T! SO GOOD!) Limehouse and Errol discuss this…delicacy…and the conversation takes a turn. Limehouse fires—breaks up with?—Errol. I don’t know what to call it when a crime boss gets rid of an underling but doesn’t kill him. Banishment?

Twist! Johnny Crowder was the one who tipped off Limehouse about Devil. Meanwhile, Ava is giving the gears to Ella Mae and puts the fear of Ava’s Tremendous Wrath into her. Might have been enough to clue Ava into the fact that it was not Arlo who betrayed them, though.

Quarles brought Raylan and the kids to Limehouse’s slaughter house. He wants the $500K from Limehouse, who keeps his money inside a dead pig. A piggy bank. Har har.

And then everything goes to hell.

Errol shoots Quarles, Quarles shoots Errol, and you know that gun Quarles kept up his sleeve, literally? LIMEHOUSE CUTS IT OFF. Poor Mitch is traumatized for life. As Quarles dies, he tells Raylan that Arlo was the one who killed State Trooper Tom.

Raylan arrests Arlo, then has a little moment with Boyd. TWIST! Batsh*t crazy Arlo takes the fall for killing Devil, claiming he did it to protect Boyd. And so Boyd goes free. Raylan cuts in with a narration, which segues to him in the nursery at Winona’s and he, in fact, talking to her. Thank god, because this show does not need to introduce introspective narration from Raylan.

Winona: Why did Art think you’d be upset?
Raylan: I think it was why Arlo shot Bergen.
Winona: Which was?
Raylan: He didn’t know it was a state trooper. He just saw a man in a hat, pointing a gun at Boyd.
Winona: A man in a hat?
Raylan: Yeah. [He puts on his hat and exits]

Annnnd scene.

So that’s Devil, Errol, and Quarles dead, with Boyd, Wynn Duffy, Dickie Bennett, and Limehouse still alive, and the black hat guy from episode one and the chick from the organ transplant episode maybe dead. How did Raylan get out of that without killing more people?

Raylan’s final body count: 1 ½

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