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Justified 4.7: “I’m going to be glad when I hear the news”

Sarah Posted by Sarah at February 20, 2013 15:27:19 February 20, 2013 15:27:19

Justified Season 4 Episode 7 recap I recently re-watched seasons 1-3 and the first half of 4 and damn, I’d forgotten half the connections on the show. Like Sheriff Shelby—totally lost track of him being the security boss at the mine that Boyd saved in season 2. It’s really worth going back to view Justified from the beginning. Full Story

Justified 4.6: “You’re turning a corner you can’t walk back around”

Sarah Posted by Sarah at February 13, 2013 15:40:20 February 13, 2013 15:40:20

Justified Season 4 Episode 6 recap Somehow we never talked about Timothy Olyphant’s “appearance” on Archer, which was fantastic. If only Archer could guest star on Justified… Well maybe we can have a scene of Raylan discussing his dream B&B. You know what this season is missing? A big bad. Full Story

Justified 4.5: “We are not trustworthy men”

Sarah Posted by Sarah at February 6, 2013 15:51:29 February 6, 2013 15:51:29

Justified Season 4 Episode 5 reca We’ve only gotten a hint of what’s going on with Deputy Brooks, but I like how her relationship with Raylan is evolving. In the last episode especially, he stopped her from beating the chicken farmer to death and she gave him the bean bag gun, preventing him from adding to his body count. Full Story

Justified 4.4: “You say one more word about chickens, I’m going to shoot you again”

Sarah Posted by Sarah at January 30, 2013 16:48:52 January 30, 2013 16:48:52

Justified, Season 4, Episode 4 recap. It’s time to find out just how badly Hot Lindsey has f*cked up with Raylan after allegedly running off with her ex-con ex-husband, Randall, with Raylan’s moonlighting money stuffed down her bra. Deputy Brooks is assuming the worst -- that Hot Lindsey was working Raylan all along, but Raylan doesn’t want to think that. Full Story

Justified 4.3: “Something ain’t right”

Sarah Posted by Sarah at January 23, 2013 17:31:05 January 23, 2013 17:31:05

Justified, Season 4, Episode 3 recap. Timothy Olyphant went on Conan. The result was pretty spectacular -- see video below. He is the coolest person alive. So we’re skipping over the Raylan/Hot Lindsey/Hot Lindsey’s husband situation to pick up with Boyd dropping in on Preacher Billy’s sister, Cassie. Full Story

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Justified 4.2: “Speak of the devil”

Sarah Posted by Sarah at January 16, 2013 15:33:25 January 16, 2013 15:33:25
Frederick M. Brown/ Getty

Justified Season 4 Episode 2 recap. We got a lot set up in the season premiere, including a new holy roller in town, that shady bag from Raylan’s childhood home, Arlo shanking a dude in prison, and Boyd has a new co-conspirator in the form of Rhodes, his old Army frenemy. Oh, and we met Constable Bob, who is rapidly becoming the single greatest non-Raylan/Boyd character on the show yet. Full Story

Justified 4.1: “You stay frosty”

Sarah Posted by Sarah at January 9, 2013 16:14:27 January 9, 2013 16:14:27

Justified Season 4 Episode 1 recap Now that we’re refreshed and ready to go, it’s time for some new Justified. Starting with a flashback. It’s January, 1983. Oooo. A skydiver crash-lands in the street, surrounded by packets of what look like drugs as a crotchety old couple argues. Full Story

In the deep, dark hills - Justified returns for Season 4

Sarah Posted by Sarah at January 8, 2013 16:26:41 January 8, 2013 16:26:41
Kevin Winter /Getty

Justified Season 4 preview Over the holidays I tried to explain Justified to my parents and the best I could come up with was “a buddy cop show with a trigger happy, emotionally damaged Marshal and a neo-Nazi white supremacist”. Ah Justified, how I love thee. There’s nothing else like you—the weirdest bromance and bizarrely deep friendship—on television. Full Story

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Justified 3.13: “A man in a hat pointing a gun at Boyd”

Sarah Posted by Sarah at April 11, 2012 14:22:04 April 11, 2012 14:22:04

Justified Season 3 Episode 13.All right, here we go with the final Justified of season three. Time to see who lives and dies. I think Quarles and Dickie Bennett are going to eat it, but Limehouse will survive—probably not Errol, though—and so will Wynn Duffy because he’s a cockroach and will outlive them all. Full Story

Justified 3.12: “Do I strike you in any way as a Van Halen fan?”

Sarah Posted by Sarah at April 4, 2012 14:29:17 April 4, 2012 14:29:17

The penultimate episode of Justified season 3. Sh*t’s getting real now. This involves a naked, chained-up Quarles popping Oxy with the hookers Boyd left to keep an eye on him. Because that can’t possibly backfire. Meanwhile, Boyd is planning how he’ll divvy up the Bennett money with his crew. Counting chickens, Boyd, counting chickens. Full Story

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