Why is it always a Lamborghini?

Lainey Posted by Lainey at January 23, 2014 14:44:04 January 23, 2014 14:44:04

You remember what Chris Brown was driving when he beat Rihanna?

Justin Bieber was allegedly driving a rented Lamborghini too when he was arrested early this morning in Miami Beach. He’s being charged with DUI. And something about resisting arrest without violence which means he wouldn’t take his hands out of his pockets. Posing to the very end, non?

According to TMZ, JB was “wasted” and the cops think he was on drugs and had been drinking. He was also drag racing. And there was a model in the car with him.

Well, we’ve been escalating to this point for months now. The good news is, the little f-cker didn’t injure anyone. But check out the video:

You see all those people around the car, letting it all just happen? They put a boy behind the wheel who had no business driving in his condition…because “NO” is not a word you use with JB and, besides, he pays the bills. He’s the cash money.

Is a 19 year old kid, with so much money and so much fame going to get high? Probably. Is he going to have sex with a lot of girls (or boys)? Definitely. Everything up to this point could be defended in the right spirit. Now that we’ve moved beyond indulgence to criminal irresponsibility though – because in my mind, driving under the influence is tantamount to Attempted Murder – how do you rationalise it now? And how do you stop the monster? You can’t stop the monster. By definition, the monster is a monster. It’s already been created. Unless we’re talking about alchemy – can you turn a monster into an angel? No, we’re too busy looking for the next monster.

Attached – various shots of JB in Miami this week.

Bauer, FameFlynet

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