She said that he was the one

Lainey Posted by Lainey at November 16, 2011 16:03:56 November 16, 2011 16:03:56
But the kid is not his son

I have always loved the way Michael delivered it: “Just remember to always think twice”.  He sang it like a warning. A seductive warning. Like, they decided in the studio that a lyric from a song should be performed with as much deliberation as a line from a play. Does that happen anymore?

No matter. The point is, Mariah (not Carey) has dropped her lawsuit. According to TMZ her lawyers have left her too. So, I guess that means she’ll have her own reality show soon enough?

You’re now either on one of two sides about this: either you finally believe that Bieber was telling the truth and that Fake Mimi is full of sh-t, or you think Team JB paid her off, shut her up, and will go on to front like he’s been totally exonerated.

Look, I’m all for a really great conspiracy theory. I’m totally down with the option that he wrote her a cheque. But the thing is...

Was there any credibility?

Remember, she first accused her ex-boyfriend of fathering the child, then punched him in the face when he was like, um, the kid is not my son...either. They arrested her ass for that one and then she scurried away, had her baby, and emerged with Bieber all over it.


Come on now.

We can’t be so hungry for smut that we throw aside our reason. For Gossip to be Good, it has to be a lot tighter than this.  
Attached - Justin Bieber performing on X Factor Germany yesterday.


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