Justin’s Mom Plays Stupid

Dean Posted by Dean at February 7, 2013 19:58:28 February 7, 2013 19:58:28

Justin Bieber’s mom, Pattie Mallette, was on The Today Show this morning to promote the movie she’s “executive produced” called Crescendo. No, Pattie Mallette isn’t just getting into showbiz, Pattie Mallette is getting into the business of reproduction. This movie is a biopic of Beethoven’s mom who, FUNNILY ENOUGH, just like Pattie, became pregnant at a young age and after wrestling with the decision to keep the baby or not, delivered unto the world a musical superstar. Subtext: abortions prevent the birth of genius.

This is not a movie, this is anti-abortion propaganda. The proceeds from the film are going to Crisis Pregnancy Centers, or CPCs. CPCs offer “support” to women thinking about getting an abortion. They also have a travelling sonogram that they park outside of Planned Parenthood to sway women’s decisions. They ALSO invented something they call Post Abortion Stress Syndrome that is not a recognized medical condition to scare women out of getting abortions. If you’d like to know more, NPR’s Terri Gross did a great and terrifying interview with the organization recently (check it out here).

What’s really upsetting about Pattie’s involvement here is that she won’t even acknowledge that there’s a political agenda. I am pro-choice. Some of you obviously are not. I know you'll criticize my beliefs but I'm willing to face that. Pattie refuses to do the same. Watch the interview from this morning and you’ll see her awkwardly dodging questions that touch on anything to do with the politics of this so-called film. It actually seems like she’s been coached to avoid the word “choice” at all costs as she stammers “regardless of your stance, pro-life, um…or whatever it is”.

CHOICE, Pattie, PRO-CHOICE is the word you’re looking for there.

At least if she admitted what she’s doing you could respect her a little. If she came on The Today Show and said “yes, I’m raising money to fund anti-abortion scare tactics. Yes, I know I’m a voice teenage girls will listen to. Yes, I’m telling those knocked up teens that they might be carrying mini-Justin-fetuses in their wombs”, at least then you’d have to admire her integrity. But this? This is dangerous and it’s dishonest.

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