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Lainey Posted by Lainey at April 22, 2009 06:43:00 April 22, 2009 06:43:00

Like clockwork. SO predictable.

The rumour mill was working hard this week about a break up, especially since Pippy thoroughly enjoyed himself at Kate Hudson’s birthday party last Friday. But we all know, it’s not that easy to shake a clinger. Especially this one. What’s a little dirty dancing anyway? It’ll take a lot more than some bump and grind with the Manslinger to throw Shelfy off her mission.

So he had his fun and now it’s back to work…

Last night at the Laker game – Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel front and centre slapping us in the face with their togetherness. Ordinarily truculent when cameras are around, claiming their relationship isn’t for the public, for some reason the two were super affectionate, super kissy, super touchy, super smiley, super super in love, love, love!

For some reason…

What was the reason?

Obviously Shelfy’s a famewhore. But also – JT’s new reality show The Phone premiered last night on MTV. Even though he had previously slammed the network for no longer playing videos, even though in the past he made public his disdain for the reality genre, Justin is now fronting his own reality project…

He conceded recently that it was time to take his foot out of his mouth, that he had changed his mind, in service of course of his own production. It’s so convenient to have a philosophical adjustment when there’s a built-in profit opportunity. These f-ckers can justify anything.

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