Pippy’s weekend in Vegas

Lainey Posted by Lainey at April 13, 2009 12:03:13 April 13, 2009 12:03:13

Justin Timberlake flew commercial to Vegas the other day for a weekend trip with the boys to promote his 901 tequila. He hooked up with Robin Leach for a private tasting, tried his luck at the tables, and hit up the circuit including the Playboy Club …all without Shelfy.
Oh la.

Que pasa?

Jessica Biel stayed home with family and knowing her, she’ll probably leak a few photos by midweek to make sure you know that she is still, and will forever be, his girlfriend.

How curious though – that someone as famous as Justin Timberlake, in Vegas no less, can make it through an entire weekend there and the only photos widely disseminated are here (obviously allowed) and here (again, sanctioned by the hotel).

Is JT not pap-worthy without Shelf Ass around?


But I have to keep repeating this because these amateurs, they still don’t get it. The paps show up when they’re called.

Also, thanks to M for sending this along – Justin with Kate Moss and Marc Jacobs in a beautiful photograph for May Vogue by Annie Leibovitz as they, all three of them, get ready to co-chair the Costume Institute Gala with Anna Wintour.

He should leave that clinger at home more often, non?


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