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Yesterday it was Scarlett Johansson vanity singing. Today, it’s that Pipsqueak Justin Timberlake vanity acting. He sat down for an interview with Katie Couric to promote the Grammys – because only HE can increase Grammy ratings! – and they discussed everything from Timbaland, to Madonna, to SNL, to Beyonce, and yes…

His acting.

Oh please sweet Shiloh, make him stop.

JT on Saturday Night Live is great. Small doses, contained environment, he’s supposed to be goofy. JT in a movie however is …well… it’s Fontrum. Fontrum, according to the Urban Dictionary, is:

“Feeling embarrassment for someone that doesn't have enough common sense to feel the embarrassment that they should be feeling for themselves for their actions. “

Fontrum is that sinking boat in your stomach the entire time you watch The Office.

Fontrum is how you’ll feel watching Justin Timberlake in Black Snake Moan – have you had the displeasure?

Oh la.

The child can sing. The child cannot act.

But he insists it’s his “hobby”. That he has the opportunity and he wants to seize it. So the next time Pip’s in a movie, just remember, he’s taking a part away from a much more worthy actor. Because his ego is out of control.

Sneak peak of his Katie Couric interview is below. Why doesn’t anyone point out how f-cking annoying his voice is? Singing…fine. Speaking? No. Like that 8 year old kid you’re stuck with on the plane, the one with the mother who has managed to tune him out, the one who keeps rocking on his chair repeating: but why? but why? but why? but why? but why? but why? but why? but why? but why? but why? but why? but why? but why? but why? but why? but why?
You think David Beckham’s voice is bad? To me JT’s is much worse.

Justin Timberlake with Katie Couric preview

And not to be forgotten!

Shelf Ass by herself in LA yesterday walking to the market. She doesn’t want to be photographed, you know. But she really does look great in those jeans and sneakers. It’s not easy looking good in jeans and sneakers.

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