Cam & Pip together again!

Lainey Posted by Lainey at March 3, 2010 07:29:12 March 3, 2010 07:29:12

On camera.

The bad news: Justin Timberlake keeps trying to act. And people keep hiring him. WTF?

The good news: this role puts him opposite ex girlfriend Cameron Diaz in a movie called Bad Teacher. And it’s not a supporting part. JT is the male lead. No doubt producers are well aware of the drawing power that’ll come from the intrigue of pairing the former lovers on screen. Much to Jessica Biel’s chagrin. Today is her birthday. Happy Birthday Shelfy! Now she’ll be turning down jobs so she can park her Shelf Ass on that set. And make sure the paps are around too.

Having said that, Shelfy really doesn’t have to worry. At least not right now. I’m told exclusively that Cammie and ARod were spotted touching each other throughout dinner last Thursday at a luxury resort in California. It’s obviously still on between them. Gross. SO gross. Not quite sure why she hasn’t tired of that vain ass douche.

Cleanse your palate then with photos from the past. Of Cam and Pipsqueak back in the day.

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