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Lainey Posted by Lainey at February 7, 2006 12:00:00 February 7, 2006 12:00:00
If you"re still hoping that Britney"s going to dump her golddigging piece of sh*t, don"t hold your breath. My sources are telling me that things are better than ever. So good in fact that she has finally given his pathetic music career her full endorsement which is why she agreed to attend a Grammy pre-party with him the other night, hand in hand, low classy per usual. She has also reportedly agreed to let him hit up her connections, an offer he obviously did not refuse. While I know this particular look is very deserving of our scorn, I"m going to lay off for a change. Because I believe in small steps. Compared to the kind of nasty mess we have become used to, this is actually a slight improvement. Yes, the hair is atrocious and yes, she looks like she"s 40 but I like the legs (she"s always had great legs) and I like the fact that there"s no fungus coming off of her face - always something to be thankful for. My only teeny tiny objection - and I speak purely from personal completely BIASED opinion - is that I can"t stand her feet. She"s one of those people, usually former dancers, who have the "feet turned out" thing that drives me batty. I have no rational explanation for it. I realise it"s totally uncalled for. But I chalk it up to the fact that the only 2 people I know who do this are annoying bitches and it"s one of those attributes by association that end up sticking with you forever. One of them is a former friend of ours who never shied away from an opportunity to remind us that she was some kind of ballerina, with her toes pointed outwards in a half walk/half waddle that was as far from elegant as you can get. We don"t talk anymore because she"s a compulsive liar who bailed on our best friend"s wedding. BAILED. As in no-show. As in didn"t bother to come. And made up a lame ass excuse about car trouble. Now tell me, gossips…how reprehensible is that??? Anyway, I"m well aware that my distaste for out-turned footed people is ridiculous, so I don"t need to hear it from everyone who used to dance, railing on me for being a bitch. I"m well aware that I"m a bitch. Like I said, it"s a ludicrous pet peeve. But we all have them. And I"m sure that my column falls under that category for many of you.

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