KFed spawns another

Lainey Posted by Lainey at May 17, 2007 00:00:00 May 17, 2007 00:00:00

The original married and destroyed Britney, KFed Junior married and is living off Tori Spelling. And now comes another: Calum Best, now KFed the Third, currently exploiting Lindsay Lohan and it’s working, don’t you think? How many of you had heard of Calum Best 2 weeks ago?

Looks like Lilo is the latest victim of Goldiggery. And in her case he’s not exactly shy about it – supposedly grinding up some other girl in the Bahamas last week while Lindsay was in the other room and trying to hit up several models while clubbing with Lilo on Monday night in NYC…which did not go unnoticed.

The two apparently had a knock down dirty fight – as in ripped clothing, screaming, pushing…all of this in public. Who scraps like that in public???

End of the night though they still ended up in her hotel room. Because, of course, this is a child of Dina Lohan. And what would a child of Dina Lohan know about self respect?

Anyway, here’s Dirty Face in stripes at the Maxim party celebrating her #1 ranking as the sexiest girl alive – clearly out of their f&cking minds. Lindsay Lohan over Scarlett Johansson?


Wouldn’t have anything to do with Georgia Rule, would it??? Wonder how much ad space the studio has booked in the magazine? Check it out over a few months…let’s see.

As for the dress – all over the dress. From the front, that is. From the back…the black stripe kills it for me. Later on it was blue sequins because one outfit is never enough. But does she have to pose with her finger in her mouth?

And if she’s going to get used, could it be by someone better looking? KFed the Third just might be the ugliest of the lot, non?


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