Posh needs a hug today

Lainey Posted by Lainey at March 21, 2014 18:56:22 March 21, 2014 18:56:22

We have a policy here at LaineyGossip. We don’t refer to Kanye West’s fiancée by name. We try not to refer to her at all. Once in a while, some of you, under influence of drugs or temporary psychosis, will force Sasha to find an outfit that she’s worn or whatever, but we don’t soil the main gossip page like that. Many of you are blowing up my inbox and my Twitter feed with comments like “I’ll never read VOGUE again”. There’s also a lot of this:


I just want you to think of Victoria Beckham today. I want you hold her close to your heart. Because that woman has been trying for a decade. She took out her tits. She whipped off her fake nails. She cut her hair. It was like that episode of Fresh Prince. Posh made over her everything. And still she’s been denied.

Is it because David Beckham doesn’t use ALL CAPS?

So how do we get around this problem? How do we not violate the policies of this blog while covering this major cover?

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I think Kwame and I did it better.

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