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Smutty Fitness: Getting your bum back

Hayley Posted by Hayley at June 4, 2015 15:09:16 June 4, 2015 15:09:16
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Hi Hayley - I recently lost some weight, which am very pleased with and have needed to do for a long time. Unfortunately, I also lost most of my bum, which used to be curvy and awesome and is now kind of flat. What exercises can I do the bulk up the muscle as much as possible without bulking up my thighs? I know that spot training for reduction doesn't work, but can you spot train with the aim of bulking up just one area? A ___ One of the reasons we over develop muscles in our body while feeling as though the muscles we want to tone or strengthen remain weak and non-existent is because our bodies do not know how to properly recruit the muscles we are wanting to engage. Full Article