Ashlee & Bosworth: The new Anorexic

Lainey Posted by Lainey at July 24, 2006 12:00:00 July 24, 2006 12:00:00
Eating disorders, like viruses, can evidently mutate, morphing into more potent strains as they adapt to physical and sociological changes. As we’ve seen from the example of so many Hollywood stars, Anorexia seems to be evolving and repackaging itself for celebrity appetites, setting a dangerous example not only for those in the business but also for those who watch the business. When I was growing up, an anorexic was always described to us as someone who could never see himself/herself the way others did. He/ She would look in the mirror and only see fat. He/She would hide what she did with baggy clothes, pretending to eat, disguising her body and her habits until it was sometimes too late. For further reference, please see Tracy Gold. These days however, Hollywood Anorexics are anything but secretive. In fact, they almost seem proud. The thinner they get, the shorter the shorts, the tighter the sweater, the less they wear. For reference, please see Victoria Beckham. It’s an alarming trend and it’s a revolting habit and yet it’s also further proof that the disease has been remodelled and transformed to recruit new followers. They are young, they are gorgeous, they are encouraged, and they are now all working the Signature Move of the New Anorexic. It’s called the Starve & Flaunt. Check out Ashlee Simpson the other day. Now we know how she got here , we know how she’s looking, but it appears she’s also perfected The Move. Ultra short cut offs a la Posh, not quite as twiggish but definitely on her way. And the way it works is that the thinner she gets, the more photos she sees of herself, the more addictive it becomes, and so on and so on and so forth. But still… Ashlee’s just an amateur compared to Kate Bosworth, quite obviously the new reigning princess of Proud Anorexia. Have a look at her visit to Letterman last month. And over the weekend shopping – in stripes no less! Would the Anorexic Old Guard have dared to wear stripes?? Hell no. This, my friends, is a bold statement, it’s a badge of honour, if you will – as if to say “I’m so thin I can wear stripes and STILL look thin. Beat that mutherf*ckers.” And for the moment, no one can. Kate has officially usurped the crown from Nicole Richie. Dead, malnourished hair, lifeless eyes, clenched jaw jutting like diving cliffs off the side of her face – is this the kind of body for a real man? Or is this the romantic preference of a maybe gaybe called Orly Bloom? She won’t eat and he needs a bedtime story after sex. Well no f&cking wonder they belong together.

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